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>> very cute. very cute. stocking -- stalking up on her there too. thanks for watching, folks. >> see (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> the search is over, they made the discovery and the call for change hundreds of gather as a relic for justice against police brutality. and if least trying to take flight flut ug.. >> this san jose murders suspect found gdead on an apparent suicide. tonight kron4's phillipe djegal talk
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to the people lived next door to the woman found dead in her home. and the husband police say killed her. >> this man was found dead in his truck just after 1:00 p.m. police believe that he took his own life by overdosing on the sleeping pills. >> i was shocked it is very tragic. we left our condolences and our families in need. >> police say the white became the 41st homicide friday morning. his-wife became the 41st homicide. it was on the 6700 block of evangaline but the 911 call to not say a word. her husband had already left the house. papers say that they kept to themselves and the only kept to themselves. it favors say if they kept to themselves.
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>> to see this happen so closely it is terrible. our hearts and prayers go out to them. >> a protest against police for kelly takes over the streets of oakland to jeff pierce tells us about the crowd. oakland police- brutality. >> no justice! no peace. among hundreds of people marched through downtown oakland bringing voice to their claims of police brutality. the march and rally at oakland city hall was without violence and the arrests and while it was a peaceful demonstration it was not without a great voices from those who spoke to the crowd. >> we are here to tell you 0 pd bet we are not going away. you we are not afraid to stand up to you. you can
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keep murder and does the we will stand up and fight until we get justice for alan bluford. >> the family of 18 year-old hele--alan bluford is the latest high-profile death at the hands of oakland police have made his case a focal point. >> this test for my family out. this is something that is devastating for the family and as a community. it's hard but it's even harder when justice is not coming your way. >> alan is not here and we adjusted the six month anniversary of his death. >> this movement is going to take more of us coming together more of us saying how important this is and participate and be a part of this. >> organizers are finding it credibility to their claims against the oakland police and the possibility of federal intervention of the department.
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>> december 13th is another opportunity to see another historical day. that the oakland police to foreman is going into receivership by the department of justice. that action by the department of justice is currently under appeal by oakland city officials. jeff pierce, kron 4. if >> steam engine enthusiasts are gathering tonight in west oakland. they are celebrating machines of the industrial revolution. jeff bush. >> it was a perfect day for a steam powered festival. steamed wizards came from all as far away as seattle. >> we bring all of our toys and beg and plead to get as much of vintage steam equipment in one place as we possibly can. west oakland
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phase-in interesting addition but we manage. >> all of this is powered by wood, fire, water. >> this is kind of a lark a thing we do on education and help teach the general public thought things used to be back when. the most of the steam beaches are all more than 100 years old and can power anything from a paddle boat, tricycle, a player piano but restore these machines were used for more practical purposes. >> some like this could be used on a far to haul off to tran locations. perhaps a flywheel for various functions. on the farmer. >> in california you have a locking in farming industry that used to be a lot stronger than it is now today bathetic with banesto up and running and is still exists and it is part of our history. fair modern-day tinkers modern-day had their
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creations, with remote control robots for safely in close to in their area. but the real stars of the show are the old steam power mission since kept alive by fans of a time gone by this goes by 10:00 p.m. and here at menlo park premier 26, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> san francisco is celebrating its own wild and wacky competition at mccovey cove. 10 years after the first tournament cahow the rebel flutag. and that means flying day in germany. from a red ball. if 30 different teams from a rebel-the bridge suppo the beve, company red appbull november
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was the winner. >> we had a cool the state to take a dip in the bay. temperatures just in the 50s. for this afternoon and clear skies as for look over san francisco. there is a transamerica building and we have some chilly numbers already. in another cold night tonight. closer to overnight in even sunrise thuleast. the north bay, the east bay the purples are showing the 30's or 40's near the bay and look for mid 40's tonight. as oakland, cooler for san jose the forecast is expected to get to 40 degrees. 30's for the east bay valleys for livermore,
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fairfield and the santa rosa. expected to get to 31 degrees that is one degrees below freezing. because we're looking at freezing temperatures in the north bay there's defrosted 534 tonight at 2:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. for napa county, marin county, sonoma county, solano the coldest would be 6:458 defrost 8-frost warnings >> and new at 8:00 p.m. we're going to be looking at dramatic video of this mobile home that was caught on fire. the cause is not suspicious nobody was hurt it is not clear with the extent of the damage was. medina drive in pacheco >> and also the author of vandalism of the vandalism of the public muni bus. and four days later in the
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results are finally in a we of the outcome for the presidential voting in florida and what it means for mitt romney. and prisoners break into the hold of weapons during 8 that the prison riot we will tell you where.
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>> san francisco police have made a third arrest in connection with the vandalism and arson of a muni bus. police say this man, 24 year-old adam diaz. of oakland was arrested yesterday and lafayette. he is accused of using a skateboard to break the windows of a minibus on market street on october 29th that was later set on fire and destroyed. this is video. they are looking for even more suspects responsible for damaging the
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bus. the damage is nearly $1 million. and this arrest comes just days after police arrested one more suspects were of much of according t torching the bus 19 year-old nicholas pand hudson... nicholas hudson was also arrested wednesday. and he is being charged with destroying a passenger transit vehicle, arson, vandalism all potential felonies if he is charged. >> a very special homecoming, coming up with your forecast, later.
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>> after a yearlong deployment in afghanistan to soldiers return home just in
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time for veterans day. kron4's mike of them was the only reported to catch up with the pair as they stepped off their plane. we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company.
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emotional night this was just 12 days removed from serving in afghanistan army medics a ride home. in a very exciting. i do not even know how to explain how exciting it is to come back. >> it is been hard to
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explain appeared to come back. >> fresh on a flight from dallas there a long time girlfriends' greeted them to spend one year in the middle east. you see them in your head every day for so many months. and finally seen them it is surreal. and what might be their final deployment their time spent overseas make this veterans day extra special. >> there are a lot of people making a very big sacrifices i did not know until i meet them a firsthand i make a have a better situation and appreciation for my brothers. if people do not know hoan idea. give them some respects. >> they say there were going to go home and see family and then goes celebrate with a hamburger and and a year. >> san francisco and a-beer. >> the second street/market street towards mcallister
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prayed for the veterans they will at civic center plaza. hundreds will be on it will be a lead of with 100 motorcycles the 93rd annual veterans day parade will start at 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and we all know the bay area is pretty pricey but there are two local neighborhoods that are among the top five most expensive in the country. after 1 atherton comes in number five, woody creek, colorado. and new york city, specifically the greenwich village can never 3. marin county is the list of the city of ross coming in second. and alpine county, new jersey coming in first. stevie wonder, a murphy and chris rock. >> president obama also
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received the most electoral votes in the state of florida. they spent the last couple of these counting the votes even though he would have not the last in come off it would experience possible similar problems if they had during the 2000 presidential election. this weekend, the macy's parade were inflated and taken outside for a test run. new with this far elf the shelf and papa smurf and hello kitty they will joi the long f long term favorite spider man and kermit hte frog. >> if you remember last
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weekend was nice but it was much warmer we are not going to see that this weekend we're going to see a difficult time even getting to the 60s. san francisco, the number four. but that is the north tower, the golden gate bridge in the san mateo bridge. it is clear in today's chile, already with temperatures in the mid 40's. daly city, sunnyvale, menlo park, walnut creek. check out petaluma. it is still a young and we're already into the upper 30's. still a young-night patchy frost has temperatures are going to get close work near freezing. even though there is a cool start we will warm up to the there with mostly clear skies and the scattered high clouds. temperatures will be writer around 60 degrees a similar day to what we had today.
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temperatures will warm up nicely by the time we get around wednesday. perhaps the 70 degrees and for tonight cold and north and east. 30's. low 30's, 32 degrees is freezing and napa. there could be some areas in the north bay that could get to the upper 20s. and in the sierras, it has been a snowy week with the first round of winter weather this season. snowfall. squaw valley, a nearly 2 ft.. and a shorter bowl and abuse in even more for next week. in the meantime, sugar bowl-and even-more expected-for next week. >> writer around a 60 degrees for much of the south bay with the 60s for san jose. 50s to 60s and not
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a big spread on temperatures. 59 degrees for danville. the upper 50s for san francisco and look for mid '50s in ocean beach. right around 60 degrees in the north bay the san mateo bridge will be 59 degrees and your kron 4 7 day around the bay some high clouds and increasing clouds for tuesday. a mixture of sun and clouds may be some showers through santa rosa but everything looks like it is staying well to the north. >> this of running as a high security prison industry long ago has left 27 prisoners and dead left them for dead in sri lanka.. this was sometime after the riot commandos you are armored vehicles to get that into
8:24 pm
control also come off george sabra ... is now the new leader for the syrian national council an opposition group fighting the syrian government. he is calling for an end to support for syria's president bashar assad. sabra claims that backers cent assad supplies and only send the opposition words and letters of encouragement. g george sabra is having talks today with other opposition leaders. also, today his
8:25 pm
mam--malala day to honor the 15 year-old pakistan a girl who was shot and had one month ago by the taliban. the terrorist group. of the attack to stop her from bringing attention to the country's finest education system. mamama day was marked with two petitions, there were 2 million people. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. it has been very easy for people to take advantage of people that are not paying attention. and this bad guy could be doing this the same thing about this that person could just jack you for your phone it happens every day. but get these men waiting for a streetcar. they look up and they're too engrossed in their phone to let us get closer. still, the have not
8:26 pm
even notice that i'm watching and let us stand right into the line of sight. still, they do not notice and i wonder what is on your phone. >> just out of curiosity what is on your phone? >> schedules? >> i said that they had looked up for not about three months there were looking to see when the let next street car was to arrive. many people did not know there were being watched and for the record i was not hiding i was just in plain sight this was my favorite. he never saw me even though i was walking with him for more than one full minute. we even crossed the street together in peace still never saw me. somehow we've allowed electronic devices to take over all world and that is by no means a good things in san francisco stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m star wars fans across the
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nation have a special treat at legal and and florida. this new star wars mini land friday. costumed children were on hand to check off models of the characters, ships, planets, scenes, with using over one and half million lego pieces that took over one year. and the shocking resignation of petreaus. and the woman, and what obama had to say and the steep drop of the physical che fiscal-clef. what e country is facing the physical cliff fiscal cle
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>> and thousands of east coast residents have been without power for almost two weeks. and they're counting on promises made by officials for full restoration by the end of the weekend. christina mutchler. has more. >> what we want! >> power! when tawana?
8:31 pm
>> now! after toughing it out after super storm sandy and last week's nor'easter, some long island residents were " in the dark " about when their power what would be restored. >> i cannot get the lights on for my kids? i cannot get power, heat, garbage pickup, nothing! others in the region we did the same answers. in the new jersey, saturday more than 175,000 households were powerless, banking on a promise made by new jersey gov. chris christie friday. life will be back for most of new jersey to normal, sunday. what do i mean by that portion mark leff start off with the power, we their trek to slightly in our efforts to restore power to to the nor'easter, but after talking to the utility's last night and again this morning, my belief is that we have wall almost one and a percent restoration by
8:32 pm
saturday night. >> con at is promising new yorkers that there will nearly all have electricity by sunday night but for many that's not only the problem. film i can leave my home, i can leave, and a free to leave my home, i do not know what will be left if it is taken from me, and my kids even more devastating than but they are in. >> queens, n.y., volunteers help clean up. in a press conference earlier today the long island power stress that getting residents back on line is the top priority. they say this a vermin your columns will remain in the dark for about a few days they believe the power knocked out super storm sandy will be back on in the 99% of homes by tuesday. meanwhile, residents are angry and frustrated. the governor has also threatened to pull the utility company's operating license. >> john turner is a water
8:33 pm
removal service in chicago he and his staff have been cleaning up so to speak and even some for free that of lost everything. last sunday he purchased the new jersey ticket and became $100,000 richer. he hopes to invest in the money in his this is, giving a portion to his church and donate the rest to people in need. with the election in the rearview mirror, the focus in washington is back on efforts to avoid the a economically devastating physical cliff. the amounts to seven trillion dollars in spending cuts and tax increases over the next decade. this is part of the last year's plan has not materialized. the largest chunk are the bush tax cuts. families making $250,000 or more must and. the we are a
8:34 pm
serious about ending the deficit we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and asking the wealthiest americans to pay a lot of the more in taxes. and congress also is to figure out how to reduce spending on entitlements like security social security and medicare. the democrats sacred cows with the balance of power unchanged on capitol hill, finding that elusive common ground on these issues could be a tough, short-term deal that postpones the cliff appears to be the most likely scenario. >> as we go towards tomorrow look for mostly clear skies for this evening already some places in the 30's. for tonight and we will see some of those readings in the north bay with upper 20s. clear, chilly and tomorrow
8:35 pm
as we go into the state tomorrow a formal plenty of sunshine. and temperatures in the upper 50s and even some 60s. that is what futurecast is looking. notice, the purple temperatures in the 30's in the north bay. and a frost advisory. 40's for the bayside and things will start to warm up but by the afternoon look for temperatures in the 50s. we do have some rain i will let you know that is coming up. >> david petraeus. . the decorated army general ran the cia for the last 14 months suddenly. after admitting to having an affair. they believe that this is the one at the
8:36 pm
moment, it is not sure if this is who he had the affair with. chris lawrence take a look into this. >> in 2003 he had the airborne during the tour in afghanistan and a roc highanti- iraq and he got the nickname, king david in 20 07 bush appointed him to lead all the troops in the ro iraq he became somewhat of a sensation with his ruling
8:37 pm
however, president obama fired him during his rolling stone comments made with the magazine. however, he was a run of with speculation that the a political ambitions. some would wonder if he would appear on the presidential republican ticket teeth knocked down the those rumors. >> we're not going to run a political campaign, we are running a war. >> he admitted that obama decided to withdraw thousands of troops from afghanistan is technically faster than he wanted. >> the ultimate decision was more aggressive formulation in terms of the timeline. then what we have recommended. , the wife, holly said behind him during the testimony and he
8:38 pm
publicl plea praised her. >> he said that she is a tough person >> senator dianne feinstein called his resignation tragic and she wished president of a more have not accepted it. we've been told president obama was opposed to allowing him to resign but instead insisted he felt it was something he had to do. gabe slate tech report coming up with my if new discovery
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jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item.
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i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?! >> this is been a huge
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breakthrough they are going to release a new type of glasses that can help people who are color blind. and see colors more accurately. gabe slate tech report visited e nchroma and try these out. >> 10 million americans suffer from this color blindness. they set out to improve the lives of these people. >> the greatest sense of accomplishment i have had is taking somebody was color deficient and going on a walk round with them. there is always an a ha moment is that flower violence? the have never seen violent before. all is that color- violet? if they can see stop signs more clearly five, six, seven blocks away a. >> after several months in the development, they are
8:42 pm
ready to release their product. half prescription- non-prescription. >> your world will be completely enhanced. >> these sunglasses and the technology can benefit anybody to be near eddand they asked me if i noticed anything different and let me tell you. holy cow. the colors for more crisp, and more alive. and i know that this may sound cheesy, but it is how they were intended to blocthe colors were intended to appear. this was rich, beautiful colors. vivid
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gabe slate tech report >> the icon journalism retires belva davis... and relatively cool day but would it have some sunshine the mid upper 50s and 60s. tonight it is going to be cold. your chilly forecast, coming up. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least.
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>> belva davis has reported at 20 years at kron, kpix, dkia radio... belva davis.. 50 in total. she retired yesterday and her legacy is unmatched. pam moore and
8:46 pm
jeff pierce.. sat down with her. >> what to love about having to have worked in the bay area? >> i love it because the bay area would have me back. nothing better than having a romance. when i started in the business i was often asked i was mistaken for a domestic woman in a fancy hotel more than once. i've worked with people that did not want to walk on the street with the, photographers that were not yet ready to deal with being in a mixed race couple. there are tender
8:47 pm
moments, racial moments, journalistic moments. they are all part of make you who you are. 1964. one of the most famous conventions in modern times. >> you were working for black radio. >> totally segregated. set off the dixiecrats...>> for the president eisenhower he said something and it set something off. the news media or the only eucharists standing up to him. and they scared everybody up into silence and they came against my news director and myself. they drove us away for safety. you know that if this is in a dangerous situation i did not even know if the guards would respond to oversee the to protect us. i knew that i had to survive in this environment. it was stopped the draft, stop the war, it was free speech, it was organization by unions and teaching assistants. all of
8:48 pm
the various studies and and out of that came with the women's movement. the media was so important to tell america how about the changes that were taking place. it was absolutely exhilarating. i never doubted that i was not doing what i should have been doing. the trip to africa was a new level of a troublesome for me >> every day thousands of people in a new-level of journalism for me. >> to be the only american journalist in that city to to the aftermath. >> the place where the bomb went off. >> is so important to seek thousands of people injured that people were still needing things and hospitals and we had the opportunity to tell the world about it. i could go
8:49 pm
on the road and tow cou the marbles about living in is geography. that show a lot of caring. it is so many things that i've watched happened. that i thought, wow! you say to yourself you are lucky to be here. >> for 49 years she has been married ... to photojournalist, bill moore.. she is retiring from news but her community service continues . february, 2013 will be the celebration of curvof her amazing career. >> this live look of the bay bridge and clear conditions clear skies and light winds will plummet. after midnight. and they are plummeting, already. novato... 39 degrees. and by the time we get closer to
8:50 pm
sunrise which is writer around 6:45 look for temperatures in the north bay. in the 30's, 30's in the east bay and some of the coldest places could be it into the upper 20s. 40's for the bay side and we even have some readings that could to get below freezing. santa rosa. a little bit warmer. san jose, 40's and a frost advisory in effect for the north bay counties, marin county, solano. that is in effect from 2:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. and the coldest temperatures are expected to be right at sunrise. that is when we could see some spotty frost. it could make for trouble. with a sensitive agitatio. vegetation. despite that cool start tomorrow, upper
8:51 pm
50s and low 60s. and san jose, 60 degrees with 50s in pittsburgh, concord, livermore, antioch, with upper 50s along the east bayshore. san francisco, going into the mid '50s your kron 4 7 day around the bay a little bit warmer on monday. a mixture of clouds and the sun with a shower on the north bay valleys. north of santa rosa. the chance for rainfall coming back on thursday and friday, we will be back.
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in a james bond and abraham lincoln. april williams has a preview. >> james bond is back in skyfall. he had. is to prove that he has not lost his edge. the legendary supers by loyalties will be tested and the stakes have never been higher. >> take the bloody shot! daniel crag /+ii is back. and steven spielberg is taking moviegoers back to abraham lincoln. between his personal instincts and his
8:55 pm
cabinet is set during the civil war he chronicles the president's leadership during the most tumultuous and divisive times. as well as his decision to emancipate the slavery. >> showing stop this. >> also, james spader, sally field and tommy lee jones is rated pg-13. >> and in what of could of been the last home season game 27-23. now the cardinals have one more chance in palo alto. and if that game were played here is could determine the game of the 12 title. and a stanford quarterback threw for 200 of the 4 yds 8-2 for the year and will play an organ. san jose state continued its solid play of late by beating new mexico state today 47-7. the
8:56 pm
spartans were able to keep mexico state's offense off of the scoreboard until there were only 42 seconds left. quarterback, david fales. led the way for the spartans by throwing 276 yards and four touchdowns. san jose state = 8-2. take a look of this. ultimate fighting first foray into china featured a fight between cung le and former unc middleweight champion richard franklin. just two minutes into the first round le connects with a powerful right hand and niknocks for oakland. le doesn't believe the fight's over but take another look. >> i saw the james bond and
8:57 pm
it was great. >> how about the weather? it is going to be cold in the north bay with low 30's and below freezing. right at freezing for napa. 40's for the bay. >> that is it will be back at 11.
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